Rotterdam Club of Referees

Since 1924 the Rotterdam Club of Referees (RSV) has performed activities to support its members. Every active or retired football/soccer official is welcome to join the club.

The RSV is one of the 76 members of the Central Organization of Football Referees (COVS), which is an umbrella organization for officials in the Netherlands. Our home is located on the grounds of the S.C. Excelsior, the amateur section of Excelsior Rotterdam.

On Wednesday evenings a qualified trainer aids in elaborating the mental and physical sides of officiating. Frequent events include lectures from guests practising various sports and matches testing the knowledge of the Laws. Members of the RSV are informed on various officiating matters by two magazines: "De Scheidsrechter" ("The Referee") and "Regel 18" ("Law 18"), the latter being the official internet club magazine in which both serious and humorous views on officiating are covered.

Should you need any other information, please feel free to contact our secretary Ed van Leeuwen jr. (+31 416 85 71 90) or by using the contact form on this website.

Links to other refereeing clubs or remarks on this page (e.g. the use of the English language) are highly appreciated.



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